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Class Changes Due to COVID-19

We are holding virtual classes as well as in person classes to offer as many students as possible a space in class.  We want you to be able to attend dance class in the way you feel most comfortable.

In order to comply with social distancing policies set forth by SJBH and the CDC, we have blocked off squares on the dance floor.  This will allow a maximum of 12 students in each class.  Classes will be offered on a first come, first serve basis and a waiting list will be created for any extra students.  To secure a spot in class your online registration must be completed and your payment must be received.  

All students ages 7 and older will need to wear a mask during class.  Virtual classes are available for those students not comfortable wearing a mask.

Here is the procedure for running classes during COVID.

•When students arrive they will need to stay in their vehicle or stand in front of it.  Teachers will come to each vehicle (please flash your lights so we know where you are) to take students temperature and ask some questions. At this time the teacher will be wearing a mask.  Once student’s have their temperature taken teacher's will invite them into the studio with their dance bag.

•Once student’s go inside please choose a spot (marked with an X) on the edge of the room to place your dance bag. Bags will need to stay there throughout the class. All belongings will need to stay inside of dance bags for the duration of class.

•Once you have placed your bag on the floor, please use the restroom located off of the studio to wash your hands or use our hand sanitizer by the door. (The lobby and lobby bathroom will be closed. Students are only permitted in the dance studio and bathroom located by the stairs.) We will be using the sliding glass doors for entry and exit. Only the screen portion will be closed during classes.

•After washing your hands, please choose an "X" to sit on and wait for your teacher and classmates. Whatever spot you choose will be yours for the duration of class. Spots are set 6ft apart from each other. Classes are limited to 12 students each.

•All dancers items need to be kept inside their dance bag through the duration of class, including dance shoes and water bottles. If you use an item during class, please return it to your bag when you are finished. The water station will not be available so please bring a water bottle.

•Masks may be required by the county and state during class.  If so, teachers will also wear masks during class. 

•After class teachers will release students back to their vehicles one at a time.

•In between classes the studio and restroom will be cleaned with disinfectant and the next group will be called into class in the same manner. We will repeat this each day for all classes.  We have scheduled 10 minute breaks between classes to help with cleaning time.

•Students who have or are exhibiting headache, sore throat, fever, dry cough, recent inability to taste and smell, shortness of breath, earaches, body aches, diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting or abdominal pain should not attend classes.