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Bella Dance Studio Calendar



 BDS Season 15 Calendar

Friday, August 26

Daddy-Daughter Dance 

Saturday, August 27

Team Sleepover 

Monday, August 29

Fall Classes Begin 

October 7-9

Master Classes

October 14-16

Celebrity Convention Denver

October 17-21

No Regular Classes

BDC Rehearsal Week 

October 24-27

Dress-Up Week! 

Monday 24- Witches & Wizards

Tuesday 25- Old School! (70s, 80s, 90s)

Wednesday 26- Animal Kingdom

Thursday 27- Spooky, Scary Spectacular! 

October 29

Bella Boogie Bash 

November 11

Follies Auditions

5 pm 

November 21-25

Thanksgiving Break 

December 16

Holiday Showing 

December 19- January 8

Holiday Break